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Why Keyloop?

Everyone has a story about the last time they bought a car. Chances are that the experience could have been different. And should have been better.

Maybe they spent weeks researching which car to buy, confused by all the different makes and models. Then the dealership didn’t have the car they like. Or the car didn’t live up to their expectations.

The same, of course, could be said for vehicle servicing, with drivers often feeling confused about what’s wrong with their car and when it will be fixed.

With better use of technology, Keyloop is dramatically improving these "points of friction". We are making car buying and servicing simpler, smoother, better. Just the way it should be. Around the world, we’re at the heart of the big change in how people buy and own cars.

We’re doing it by unlocking data. We’re bringing together retailers, car makers, and suppliers. We’re driving meaningful change in a car buyer’s ownership journey. And we’re doing it all through the power of an open platform that our brilliant people have developed.

If this is a journey that you’d like to be a part of, then we want to hear from you.