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Most popular language vacancies in Czech Republic

Language Jobs in Czech Republic

If you’d like to be surrounded by historical sites, the Czech Republic is certainly a destination that won’t disappoint. Not only does it boast some of the oldest castles in the world, but Prague is also the home of the largest castle complex in the world. Thanks to its central geographical position within Europe, Czechia has also proven to be highly attractive for international companies, but job opportunities in the Czech Republic are also marked by important regional disparities. Therefore, language speakers seeking jobs in the country have better chances in the Prague region but other regions such as Brno are catching up. While there are many job opportunities for foreigners in the Czech job market, English language skills followed by German, French, and Russian are the most popular ones especially for accounts payable, entry-level administration positions, but also for Banking and Finance ones as well as IT and Telecommunication services thanks to the EU deregulation law.

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